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    Nitasha RanaNitasha Rana
    15:51 28 Aug 22
    I feel so proud to say that , Yes! I'm a student of BBN.It is an amazing and extraordinary school. It's not just a school it's an emotion.Here classes are very interesting as well as informative. Teachers are very friendly with students nd they are just like our parents, they guide us support us nd motivate us they never made us realize that they are our teachers,it is always a parent child bond .Felling very sad to leave this school to pursue higher studies but this school will always be in my heart. Going to miss all those lectures, fun and love of teachers. A bigggg THANKS TO ALL THE TEACHERS FOR SO MUCH LOVE SUPPORT AND MOTIVATION..
    Jyoti SwainJyoti Swain
    06:26 06 Sep 20
    Teachers and head of this school is very supportive.Even in lockdown, school is growing with a fast pace.
    Ishant DubeyIshant Dubey
    06:14 06 Sep 20
    It's the best school in this area. I'm also a student of this school. The teachers of this school are highly qualified and they give their full effort to all the students and helps them to achieve their goals.I truly recommend this school to everyone. "I love my school"
    BonTYop 2.0BonTYop 2.0
    10:12 15 Jan 19
    Positive points :School is very good ... Teachers are friendly and give attention to individual students also..... Good for academics .... And getting good grades in board exams . Principal mam and sir are like parents to every student .Negative points:Co curricular activities are less , students are not exploring much about world , competition reamins just in school .Suggestions:Students should be encouraged to take part in different activities like in sports , art , competitions .Career guidance should be started from 7th class.Students should be make known about the competition going in all India even like Olympiad that start from 3rd standard , and much more .NCC camp should be available.Students should be taken on educational tour in nearby places even so students can explore .Motivational lectures should be present like in a week for once in smart class TED X should be presented in front of students so they can have better mind and thinking . Instead of forcing them to walk them on ryt path they should be taught about how to take ryt decision.Having a great experience their and learned so much ....thanks to BBN ..... Everything have its negatives as well as positives.But slowly slowly with time everything can be improved by looking at important things which are better and more impact .Thank U 😄🙌👍
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