Help & Support


Adding Your School Account To Phone

Steps To Add Account:

  1. Open Your Device “Settings”
  2. Click “User & Accounts” Or “Accounts”, Depending On Your Phone Model.
  3. Then, Click “Add Account” And Enter Your Phone’s Password/Pin Or Fingerprint.
  4. Now, Add Your School Email Address Ending With And Click Next
  5. Enter Your Email Password Provided By The School Then Click “Next”

That’s It, You Have Successfully Added Your School Account To Your Phone.

Using Google Classroom

Steps To Use Google Classroom:

  1. Open Google Classroom App.
  2. Click, Get Started And Choose Your School Account You Added Recently, Click Ok
  3. Click “+” Icon, Then Join Class
  4. Now Enter Your Class Code And Click Join. 

Using Zoom Cloud Meeting App


Steps For Using Zoom Cloud Meeting:

  1. Open “Zoom Meeting App”
  2. Click “Sign In”
  3. Scroll Down And Click “Google”.
  4. Now Choose Your School Account Ending With
  5. If Your Account Doesn’t Appears, You Have To Then Add Your School Email ID And Password In The Boxes Which Will Appear.

That’s It, You Are Done With Zoom